How to Create a Beautiful Backsplash

An eye-catching back splash can take a simple kitchen and make it breathtaking. While these surfaces are commonly tile, the variety available means you can make something that stands out. There are countless unique designs and materials to pick from, meaning you can get creative with your choices. Here are some tips you can use to upgrade your kitchen remodel.

5 Tips on How to Create a Beautiful Backsplash


1. Take Measurements

Take a few measurements of your kitchen so you can get an idea of how much tile you can work with. Don’t forget to convert from inches to feet and then multiple width x height to get your square forage. Use the featured image to help you calculate your square footage. Add 10% to your final square footage estimate to all for waste from cut tile. Tip: Take the height measurement you must work with and go to a home decor store. Mix and match different tiles to create patterns within the height constraints your kitchen offers.

Convert Inches to Feet for Easier Math

Convert Inches to Feet for Easier Math

2. Create Unique Patterns

While at the home decor store, lay varying tile that catch your eye on top of one another to create different designs. Don’t be constrained to what they might have on display, as often something you create can mean more. Don’t feel like your confined by the horizontal nature of many tile. Subway tile, for example, can be arranged in a herringbone or diagonal pattern. Just keep in mind that some patterns may need additional material and labor to install because of an increased number of cuts.

3.Captivate with a Focal Point

Use the extra height above sinks or stoves to create a praiseworthy focal point. Using a combination of distinctive or decorative tiles in these prominent sites can turn a bland cooking space into a work of art. The back-splash is normally just below a person’s eye level so the increased height can be used to your advantage to attract attention. Spending a little extra on a focal point can let you stay more neutral on the rest, to save money and still make an eye-catching statement.

Use a Focal Point to Draw The Attention of Your Guests

Use a Focal Point to Draw The Attention of Your Guests

4. Complement Colors

Don’t forget about your counter-top! It is important for the visual flow of your kitchen for your back-splash to match your cabinets and your counter top. If possible, it is advised to bring a sample of your counter-top and cabinets when you go to a home decor store to pick your tiles for your back-splash. If you do not still have samples when you purchased the items, take some time to find samples the store offers that matches them. Once you have decided on a design, or two, take the tiles home with you. Spending the extra cash to buy a handful of tiles for your back-splash to take home could save you a lot of money and frustration in the future. Keep in mind the lighting in the store could vary drastically from the lighting in your home.

Coordinate Colors to Make Something Beautiful

Coordinate Colors to Make Something Beautiful

5. Stand back


Arrange your tiles in a configuration and take a step back. You’re going to be seeing this design from a few feet away in different lighting conditions when it’s on your kitchen wall. It’s often good to leave the room and come back after some time to look at your arrangement a second time to confirm your feelings on the combination.